Calicut, Kerala, India
                    We are a well-established company; from 1997 we have grown to be one of the most prestigious manufacturing textile names in Indian textiles.

Having a capacity to produce and supply handloom fabrics to a high quality, and luxuriance standard, with varying widths starting from 24 inches to 120 inches, and for made-ups of approximately 24000 meters per month,

Our company policy
     To strive for high customer satisfaction, and quality standards, drawn from a culture of a rich textile tradition,

By staving for quality perfection.
Constantly improving quality standards, and systems.
Constantly improving our skills, with on going training, and knowledge of new improved systems that benefit our quality, and service.
Constantly reviewing market trends, and standards, that gains us, and our customer’s leads in the market.
To maintain good business ethics, and promoting as much as possible to clean environmental standards, that benefit, our local society, our rich textile culture, and future of all….
Our People Proffesionals
Mr. G.K.AGHOSH- [Production/Mktng]
Mr. Jim Rogers (UK) (Marketing &designer)

         joins us with his vast experience in home textiles, over the last 30 years there could be vary few homes in the UK at has not had a soft furnishing product such as a bedding, curtains, table setting, or even a print that he has not some input in.

Mr. SREEDHARAN-K.P. Reseach and development
Mr. RAJAN- [ Quality]
Mr. BHASKARAN-[ Quality]
Mr. HARI- [Dyeing]

                    We maintain high quality parameters with periodic in-line audits at each stage from yarn to stitching and packing. And open to meet systems any international standards.